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Thursday 3rd May 2007

Well, I feel awful this morning. An insistent headache, burrowing its way around the back of my head into my right eye, and a growing sense of nausea that will no doubt blossom into a couple of dry retches later on.

I deserve it though: not because of the bottle and a half of wine I put away last night, but because once again I made an utter jerk of myself in front of someone well known whose work I highly rate.

A few of us went to Adam Buxton's Out of Focus Group Comedy Night at the Zetter. I've been a couple of times before, and it's a consistently good night, but yesterday's was the best yet. Adam Buxton always makes me laugh a lot, even when he's doing stuff that doesn't work so well - but there was no sign of that yesterday, just very funny chatty stand up and some excellent videos. Stephen Merchant also rocked up to deliver some solidly amusing material, although Jim's point that "condom jokes are, like, so 1980s" may have some validity.

Jo Neary and Tony Law were also on stage. Tony Law's first set featured some inspired (but not laugh out loud) stream of consciousness surrealism that reminded me of some of Noel Fielding's stuff on The Mighty Boosh - however his second set, featuring an ex-city boy who had left the rat race to become an ultimate fighter-cum-poet was hilarious. Although there was a lot of wine swilling round my belly and brain by then.

This swillage explains why I once again broke my rule of never approaching talented artists. I had a very brief chat with Adam Buxton, and it was like Lou Rhodes and Johnny Morris all over again, in that I did almost all of the talking, gibbering away like some inbred cretin, he looked vaguely worried and I wandered away cursing myself. The frustration I felt at breaking the rule was exacerbated by Adam's well-intended but poorly disguised fake laugh at some particularly weak comment of mine. But, hold the fucking front page, I did get a perhaps exclusive! Possibly, although maybe not, no more Xfm work for Adam & Joe. Which is a real shame, as they were a very high point on a station which seems to be sliding into the doldrums.

My hangover was softened slightly this morning. I heard some vulpine chirruping in the garden at around 6:30. I stood for a while watching the four fox cubs who live under the garden shed running, jumping, wrestling and pestering the vixen. They are adorable, and seem to have resisted the temptation to shit all over the decking. Apparently, people tell me, they can get to be a nuisance. I assume this is when they get a bit bigger and more brazen, nose their way through the catflap and run riot through the flat, hiding the remote controls and leaving the lights on etc. Even so, I am worried by my increasingly psychotic landlady's intention to get the council in to kill them. Hopefully it'll slip her slippery mind. She claims to be a Buddhist, but I don't think there is anything particularly dharmic about wiping out an entire family, in a horrific orgy of blood caked brushes, severed limbs and uncomprehending brown eyes asking why? before being put out by Camden Council's Murder Unit.

104 - posted at 09:18:27


Has anyone else actually seen a huge family of foxes gambolling in your garden? Or is it just you? As a regular visitor to the property, I've yet to see as much as a glimpse of reddish fur or a pawprint - even when you're actually pointing to a bush and claiming you can see a fox in it. Frankly, I'm getting suspicious.

When did you embarrass yourself in front of Johnny Morris?!

1: Claire - 18:00:37 on Thursday 3rd May 2007 (permalink)

My flatmate has seen them as well. They are there - such sights are, apparently, not that uncommon in London. I cannot be held acountable for your inability to see without the benefit of bins or lenses.

Johnny Morris, 1997, Paddington Station. Lovely man.

2: Rob - 00:23:37 on Friday 4th May 2007 (permalink)

Actually, now I think about it, it was '96.

3: Rob - 11:45:37 on Friday 4th May 2007 (permalink)

So your challenge now is surely to capture this fox family on film and provide cute photographic evidence on flickr...

4: Claire - 14:15:24 on Friday 4th May 2007 (permalink)

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