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Tuesday 31st July 2007

From the BBC website today:

Scientists have discovered the first gene which appears to increase the odds of being left-handed.

The Oxford University-led team believe carrying the gene may also slightly raise the risk of developing psychotic mental illness

Oh good.

107 - posted at 11:23:50


Now that's prompt.

I always knew lefties were psychos. You and me both.

Just realised that the line above sounds a bit like it was written by someone with a split personality. Q.E.D.

1: Dave - 13:54:56 on Tuesday 31st July 2007 (permalink)

They say that the right-handed have developed more the left side of the brain and the left-handed ones the right. And the right part of the brain is the most creative. Some of them associate the creativity with the madness... :) Greetings, Elena Postales.

2: Elena - 19:59:01 on Thursday 9th August 2007 (permalink)

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