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Tuesday 2nd December 2008

Ad on the Tube

Forget solar lamps - someone get this kid a pair of legs and a chair.


113 - posted at 09:47:54


Never mind the shoddy drawing, what about the product?

"The solar lamp's run out! It's all gone dark!"

"No problem, I'll just - oh, right."

One of the things I miss least about life in London is having to stare every day at badly drawn, poorly conceived ads for shit products that I'll never use. The former incarnation of the elephant.co.uk mascot was a particularly enraging offender: a long-lashed, beaming simpleton, he never failed to put me into a punching-strangers mood.



Elephant.co.uk seem to have wised up, and after some doubtless nifty focus grouping have recast Trunkie in the mould of David Tennant's Doctor Who: the STUPID eyelashes now replaced with an attempt at an intrepid expression, with trainers and and a tie completing the look.


According to the press release, that stupid fucker in the suit whose pointless capering used to besmirch our television screens has now been sacked in favour of an animated version of Trunkie, voiced by inevitable sellout Nick Frost.

Actually, having just read it, I can recommend that you read the press release in its entirety, if only to remind yourself that however bad your job may be, at least you don't have to come up with this depressing shit:


1: Dave - 11:28:57 on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 (permalink)

Damn, can't believe I missed the solar lamp point! Dave, revive your blog. I need it.

Meanwhile, you can be assured that for as long as I fail to write about anything interesting, I'll keep looking out for shit tube ads and the like to post here. They're not the only thing that move me on the tube, but I can't just go around taking photos at will. I'd get arrested.

2: Rob - 12:50:03 on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 (permalink)

"He has been given a new style that is cooler and funkier"

3: Rob - 14:44:20 on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 (permalink)

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