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Thursday 11th March 2010

A while ago, when I was more naively confident of my writing ability, I sat down and wrote this. It was about a real house that was, and remains vitally important to me. Tragically, a couple of Januarys ago, it burnt to the ground. Shortly afterwards, I went to visit the remains - they looked like something you might encounter in a Bronte novel: the garden was covered in blackened timber and broken bricks. The front of the house was gone. From the road I could look down the length of the corridor on the first floor, and see the doorways of the bedrooms where I used to stay. Only the two tall chimney stacks remained untouched, everything around them having fallen away. Now I have frequent dreams about the place, normally where me or my grandparents are living in the half-destroyed house. I'm briefly writing about it because, where previously Google Streetview hadn't covered the place, in its new trawl of Britain's roads, LM is there.

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Places and people might move on, but memories will always be there. Even in ruins, would love to go and see it sometime Bobbie. xxxxxx

1: (anonymous) - 12:58:07 on Thursday 6th May 2010 (permalink)

Hello Rob

I read with much interest your post about little Monkhams. I found it by chance after searching for information on the house.
I am facinated with this place as I believe it was also the location for "Tales From Fat Tulips Garden" which was a much loved part of my childhood.
I presume you have memories of this time, and if you have a few minutes to spare it would be great to hear any stories you have regarding the filming of the show, and how the location was chosen. Feel free to contact me on my email, or post here if you prefer.

What is the current state of the property? and who owns it now?

Kind Regards


2: RC (London) - 21:34:14 on Wednesday 30th June 2010 (permalink)

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