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Saturday 27th September 2003

Mr Jeffries

This dog, Mr Jeffries, has ears that measure 29.2cm. Apparently this makes him the world's longest eared dog. I'm not sure what exactly that purpose this serves or why such a record exists, but the Guinness Book of Records is stuffed with achievements that don't appear to have much point and are the result of a freak of nature rather than, for example, conscious achievement - and these records are all the more compelling for their complete pointlessness, so who am I to deny Mr Jeffries his moment in the sun? - especially since the dog, like me, is from West Sussex, which is a fairly unremarkable (but extremely pleasant) place, so needs its big-eared dogs as a more enjoyable claim to fame than its child-killers and second runways.

It appears his owner has insured the the dog's ears for 30,000, citing film stars insuring body parts as his reasoning. I'm intrigued as to the income that this vaguely deranged man gets from Mr Jeffries's ears. It's clear why a model may insure legs or a singer a voice, but not immediately obvious how a dog's ears, however large, can be particularly lucrative (unless I've missed the point and the dog can actually fly with them, or listen in on confidential conversations). From all accounts the biggest effect the ears have on the dog's life is that they dangle in his food when he's eating and he occasionally trips over them.

Anyway, my main point in commenting on Mr Jeffries was to give me an excuse to put up a picture of a ridiculous but doleful looking Basset Hound.

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I'll thank Rob not to refer to me as 'ridiculous-looking' and 'doleful'. I lead a fulfilling and happy life, untroubled by the vagaries of American English v. English English. And my 29.2cm ears are a big hit with my bitches, let me tell you.

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