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Thursday 2nd September 2004

Apologies for any typos and the like, but the connection here is slow and I have sleep I should be doing. Or something.

The reason for this sleep I blame on 2 things: Economy class (OK, I was spoilt with the whole long haul Hong Kong flights) and the family in front of me on today's (yesterday's?) flight. I thought my idea of hell would be the sound of a child crying for all eternity. And by crying I mean whining, screaming and probably making the odd retching sound too. But now I realise it is four children doing the above almost non-stop for over 11 hours. With the parents at either end of this maelstrom of agony doing nothing, except raising their voices in Arabic once, which only increased the volume.

As a result I stumbled into a damp early morning Bangkok with an icy pain slicing into my temple. Not the best start. But I managed to (eventually) find the ticket counter - and the North/NorthEastern bus station itself - after the very kindly intervention of a couple of Thais who wondered why I was deep in a local market at 7.00am. And then I sat on a bus for 9 hours (trying very hard to obey my own strict jet-lag rules and not nod off) until I got here, Nong Khai, a pleasantly laid back northern Thai border town. Tomorrow, all being well, I will head over the 'Friendship Bridge', which spans the Mekong and get a stamp in my passport that shows off I have been to Laos.

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