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Friday 29th October 2004

Fucking hell! I've actually won something


68 - posted at 18:33:34


I did a TV feature on that very elephant and his mahout. The mahout was given a baby elephant when he was just a child -- they effectively grew up together. Under the Khmer Rouge, the mahout had to flee his village and leave the ellie behind. Years later, he returned and the ellie was still there and still remembered him. He cries when he remembers their reunion.

1: sofyap - 09:56:43 on Monday 1st November 2004 (permalink)

Thanks very much - I had no idea & it makes it a much more interesting photo for me now. Also, a considerably more valuable comment than the Guardian's traditionally tongue-in-cheek one...

2: Rob - 10:33:24 on Monday 1st November 2004 (permalink)

Very well done indeed mate, by the way.

3: Matt (London) - 11:01:17 on Monday 1st November 2004 (permalink)

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