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Monday 18th July 2005

Back in those care free June days it seemed like a good idea to move further away from work. In between smugly blogging plans to move, I relished emancipation from EC1's concrete and the daily sight of the Barbican's jagged towers. Now following "a major incident" (in the awkwardly coy language of Transport for London) I wonder whether living within walking distance of the office was such a bad thing.

But it's done now, and it was all pretty painless - especially finding the new flat, which is a lovely place on a quiet treelined road. Following one and half years in Clerkenwell I'd almost forgotten what a leaf looked like. On Friday I took the day off work, as did my wonderfully supportive girlfriend, and hired a white van. All Congestion Charged up with my foot hesistantly tapping the gas, we headed into the maelstrom. The traffic in London on Friday was horrific, as the Budget car hire man cheerfully predicted when he handed me the keys that morning. Apparently a large number of citizens have, since 7 July, abandoned the buses and tubes and taken their cars out for a spin. It didn't help that I had to putter along the Euston road, even more snarled up than the rest of this blighted city. Half the streets off it were closed, including the one leading to Tavistock Square, the route shielded by 20 foot high tarpaulin stretching from building to building. It took over an hour to get from Clerkenwell to Belsize Park and I rarely moved out of first gear, spending most of the time staring out at the chaotic tangle of vehicles, grimy and spluttering. Thank God I managed to cram everything I owned into the back of the Renault Kangoo (except, alas two tea towels, currently sitting forgotten in a deserted EC1 kitchen). Two trips in that heat and traffic would have severely tested my resolve.

I've already taken advantage of the new neighbourhood. Earlier in the week, I sidled down the hill towards Camden to catch JJ72 attempting to propel themselves back into the city's collective CD player. The last time I enjoyed their fantastically fey rock was in 2002, when they filled the London Forum. Then they disappeared. Last Tuesday they failed to sell out the Camden Underworld and were without their (ahem) watchable original bass player. But they still sounded stunning and their new bass player is equally watchable. And they're nothing like Placebo.

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Renault Kangoo? Are you mad? You deserve to have made two trips in a bloody Kangoo. What you've got in your Renault Kangoo, see, is basically a Clio hi-top.

You want a bloody Transit, man! Get a grip!

1: Dave (Glasgow) - 10:30:56 on Tuesday 19th July 2005 (permalink)

Or a Renault Trafic of course. Can't knock 'em.

2: Dave (Glasgow) - 10:32:33 on Tuesday 19th July 2005 (permalink)

I know, I know, I was luckier than I deserve. But I couldn't afford to upgrade. Plus I'd have probably have smashed up a tranny.

3: Rob - 11:43:02 on Tuesday 19th July 2005 (permalink)

Yeah, smashing up trannies. Bad scene.

4: Dave (Glasgow) - 11:56:35 on Tuesday 19th July 2005 (permalink)

Hate crime is never good

5: Rob - 13:43:43 on Tuesday 19th July 2005 (permalink)

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