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Tuesday 2nd August 2005

I spent the weekend with the lemon curd, wandering around my new neighbourhood, and very pleasant it is too, all wide pavements and tall houses. And trees. Happily I've also found a good Dim Sum restaurant in which to spend lazy Sunday afternoons. I'm rather suspicious that the Sunday lunch crowd in the local pubs consists largely of posing trustafarians, so countless bamboo baskets of steamed dumplings and chickens' feet are a perfect alternative to roast beef and mustard.

But I'm obviously not keeping a close enough eye on the missus - she needs watching. As I was finishing off a plate of Cheung Fun, she noticed that our pot of tea was getting a bit strong.

"Shall I add some hot water?" she asked, picking up a spouted vessel from the table.

"Yes," I said, "but make sure that isn't soy sauce".

Completely ignoring me, she proceeded to pour, a gloopy black liquid slithering into our previously delicious pot of tea.

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I hope you're not going to write down everything stupid i do in your blog, or else it will take too long!

1: (anonymous) (from the obscurity of a thinly-veiled initial) - 11:00:57 on Tuesday 2nd August 2005 (permalink)

The who?!

2: (anonymous) (from the notoriety of a string of mocking nicknames) - 12:27:44 on Wednesday 10th August 2005 (permalink)

You forget where I was born.

3: Rob - 14:36:44 on Wednesday 10th August 2005 (permalink)

...within the sound of bow bells perhaps?

4: Matt - 14:46:40 on Wednesday 10th August 2005 (permalink)

Here to be exact.

5: Rob - 15:49:12 on Wednesday 10th August 2005 (permalink)

...although Bow Bells aren't in the East End but the City of London, fact fans.

6: Rob - 15:55:09 on Wednesday 10th August 2005 (permalink)

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