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Thursday 31st August 2006

This blog entry was intended to be an account of the V Festival in mid-August. On the 31 August, I tapped in a "[filler]" note to ensure that the blog actually had an August date on it. But because of the nature of my job and the pressing unfinished tasks facing me in general since moving back to the UK I still haven't found the chance to scribble down an account of spending a couple of days in wellies in Staffordshire. I am sorry. I will try soon. Following that there will be (perhaps) blogs on Singapore, Cuba and North Korea. The last one of those is nearly two years late. I'm utter rubbish.

Meanwhile, if my holiday next week is curtailed or cancelled because of work you can look forward to a violent torrent of sweary vitriol. Watch this space.

11/9/06 (despite the date above).

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