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Tuesday 10th October 2006

Actually sod the V Festival (my Dad's asked me to stop swearing so much on the blog, so I've said "sod" instead of "fuck"). It was good fun, but I can't muster a full blog. We drank quite a lot of cider and enjoyed some great music - James Dean Bradfield, Beck and Radiohead stick out.

On the first day it rained quite a lot and we had to pay 10 to find out who was playing where and then queue in the drizzle for 40 minutes for beer tokens. It also turned out that Rhys, who I had planned to meet near the second stage, was actually to be found by the second stage at the Chelmsford site rather than the one in Staffordshire where I was patiently waiting. But after that unpromising start, things got markedly better after JDB appeared on stage, looked down on the small damp crowd that had assembled to watch him and said, "You poor soaked bastards". It made a nice change from the Artful Dodger posturings of Richard Archer off Hard-Fi, who strutted around the stage like a Thunderbirds puppet, exclaiming, "We're 'ard-Fi from West Lahndahn" (no, you're from Staines in Surrey), before telling us that we weren't going to let the rain get us down. Speak for yourself mate, you're not stood out here watching a bunch of twats ponce around on a covered stage before heading into the VIP area towards heat and towels and queue-free bars and groupies and drugs.

But V was good. Though hopefully back to Glastonbury next year. For now, I've got to post something about North Korea before events totally overtake me and Kim Yong Il (as newsreaders irritatingly and unnecessarily call him) zips up his boiler suit, bouffs his hair and shouts, "Shibal nom, Geseki" (sorry Dad) before repeatedly stabbing a stubby finger down on his new shiny red button.

Claire's photos from the V Festival can be found here.

97 - posted at 12:20:44


My solution to the N Korea situation is to send in Sir Roger (or possibly the Welsh-one) in order that he can "do the business" on the Dear Leader. I also suggest he uses either a highly-pressurised air pellet gun or a wrist dart gun, using the cyanide-coated darts.

1: MJ (cranleigh) - 13:29:07 on Tuesday 10th October 2006 (permalink)

As it happens, my pic of James Dean Bradfield doing his stuff at V is the 4th most popular photo on my flickr account.

What's bizarre is that the MOST popular photo on my flickr account, also from V, is of our feet in some wellies. Sorry, JDB, but you're not as popular as my knees and some Millets wet weather gear.

2: Claire - 14:10:29 on Tuesday 10th October 2006 (permalink)

Although I object to Claire's use of the word "my" in the description of her photo of JDB, I have edited the entry to provide a link to her work, including the knee fetishists' favourite.

MJ - after dispatching Kim, the girl would ask Rog, "Where's Kim?". Rog would raise an eyebrow. "He decided on a change of Korea". Or something.

3: Rob - 16:29:24 on Tuesday 10th October 2006 (permalink)

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