Captain Ambition

The man with the disjointed, oversized jaw
Sits fore square to me bursting from his chair:
He is captain ambition, a man on a mission,
God save you if you get in his way:

'Cos I know what I want, I have plans you see
Everything else in my life comes second to these.
Even love, true love, which I've never witnessed,
(And I think therefore does not exist),

It's like I'm in this tunnel with narrow sides - Schvoom -
And all I can see are goals, my goals,
Straight ahead, the plan-
Life mapped out on a single course.

My girlfriend loves me more than I her
So she'll tag along. She'll have to.
I'm faithful nonetheless.
Did I tell you about this girl I met?

A real guapa, real friendly too.
I wanted some company, someone to talk to,
I get very lonesome. Understand me don't you?
But she wasn't too co-operative,

Didn't see my angle then stood me up.
Good thing though because now I've seen the light,
How much I miss my girlfriend. How much I need her love.
I'll tell her to come and visit me.

Yes now I've thought it out, all the way through,
I know that's exactly what she'd like to do.

Adam Gutch