"Oh, Time, Strength, Cash and Patience!"

Words as relevant today as I write an updated introduction to the magazine as they were when Rob first tapped them into Microsoft Word back in early 2000 as he put together the original Paste Magazine, the one you see preserved here in parts on the InterWebNet.

Four years later, and what has changed? Well, we've all left Bristol, got jobs, and joined the real world, but somehow Paste has survived and lives on in the form of the weblogs, and the occasional new piece of writing. Sometimes I receive an email out of the blue offering me some new work for the site from someone suffering from the delusion that this is actually a real magazine, and not just the relic of one student's bid to get a better looking CV. Nevertheless, more often than not, these pieces are duly added to the archives. If you'd like to submit something to the site, then please do.

We were long overdue for an update, and, well, here it is. I hope you like it.

Matt Armstrong, November 2004