I Had a Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night.
You were in it.
You murdered me, stabbed me
Slayed me in the neck.
The blood gushed and flowed from this
Unnatural and premature orifice.
Clothes and sheets soaked,
I staggered in overwhelming weakness.
You dumped my body aside,
Flung with spiteful indifference.

Autopsical, I request your motive.
In search for witnesses,
I examine my death wound.
Its vivid redness disturbs.
You spoke to it with decided detachment
In apology for its existence
Yet it refuses to heal.
The bleeding is constant,
Like a sliced lip.
The blood tastes metallic.

Then, the trial.
Capricious, your defence seems insubstantial,
Rendered all the more apparent by an
Unwavering air of nonchalance.
Your blind attempts to prove you're guiltless -
Persuasion and influence.
Get you nowhere.
As I had a dream last night.
You murdered me, stabbed me,
Slayed me, killed me.

Darren Rugg