Plan for Murder

And with you,
I seduce the weight
of your name.
You are losing your humanity
to your history.
One more battle, won.
The coat of arms, hangs heavy
on your shoulders
and bends you over my body, closer.
The land and title deeds
are all I feel
when I run my hands over your skin,
as though the parchment were burning
already, with possession:
And the wills written and given
and approved.
I was sent to disarm you
of your wealthy looks
and give you hell.
I dispel your dreams, with my body,
as you unwrap me. From
crinoline to curls, I am a fake:
A female Sinon, I creep. I screw
you into my sheets, twisting
you tighter to me by bond.
This is marriage. The name
is branded into my mind and
I think of coins as I bunch your flesh
in my mouth. Metal
will stay hard and real, while emotion
decomposes like memory.

Jemimah Kuhfeld