Mandate to rule

Smiling grinning imbecile principles on his sleeve and celebrities in his house and we chose this man again to continue to run our lives and I ask you how can this happen how did we do this and why is the only alternative so unspeakably hideous that he was the only choice and now they can stand there and tell me they have a "mandate to rule" when half the country didnt even bother to choose them it was such an inevitable "victory".

I used to believe I used to believe in change and ideals and I remember when it seemed so amazing that wed finally got rid of the bunch of self serving fuckwits who had been happily screwing us over for years but nothing changed we just ended up with another group of self serving fuckwits and now there is no choice there is no alternative there are no principles and nobody cares anymore there is only the pursuit of power and these people will do and say whatever it takes to get and keep it and it makes me sick it makes me fucking sick it makes me realise that there is nothing to human nature but I am looking out for myself and fuck everybody else Im alright jack so pull the ladder up.