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Wednesday 7th February 2007

Egotism Special: 17 Things I have Learnt Today

1. Tesco's own "Farmhouse Pâté" tastes nicer than it sounds.

2. My flatmate will be checking into a homeless shelter in 2 week's time.

3. South Park, Episode 1, Season 8 ("Good Times With Weapons") still makes me laugh on the third viewing.

4. "They" have covered Kentish Town Road in salt/grit in preparation for tomorrow's much-hyped snow dump.

5. I wish I was friends with Bill Bailey and Noel Fielding.

6. Even wedged into a dark corner on a Northern Line train, Lou Rhodes's voice can make you feel like you're the only real person in the world.

7. Women taller than me make me feel deeply uncomfortable.

8. The high street bank I currently work for has an email filtering system that picks up the expression "hand job".

9. Richard Jones off The Feeling doesn't know he's born.

10. The Feeling are from Horsham.

11. However wrong Starbucks baristas get your order, they'll always make it seem like it's entirely your fault.

12. I still love the Welsh accent.

13. After a few glasses of wine I'm pretty indiscreet.

14. VS Naipaul is a great writer.

15. If I take even a vague interest in what England do in a sporting arena, they will lose.

16. I'd rather be skiing.

17. Although their next album will almost certainly be yet more bollocks, I'll nevertheless be desperate to see the Manics live on one of their London dates.

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