Oh, Time, Strength, Cash and Patience! So the lament passes from one set of editors to another, and a publication to rival The Poet's Tongue or The Rattle Bag is produced. Within these pages prepare to encounter unspoken desire, ghostly murder, insects, Fred Flintstone underwear, a touch of Ovid and a smear of sunlight.

An illustrious previous editor commented in the last issue that Bristol students 'are getting happier'. Of course that was before the prospect of graduation hit many of them and cigarettes rose to over 4 for twenty. In the creative writing of 2000 there is a palpable sense of violence hanging in the air. Said illustrious editor suggested that the increase in happiness may be owing to some having 'finally pulled'. Perhaps the new change in direction outlines the pain and frustration that having finally pulled sometimes entails.

We live as we dream, alone, babies crippled in christ. If you like...

Bristol English Students: May 2000
Bristol English students, May 2000:
Can you spot the writers of these illustrious words
in amongst this bunch of degenerates?